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What is XNode?

We are a team of 40 team members with 12 nationalities, believing that innovation should be done differently in China. The world is not aware of this yet and that’s where we get really excited. Our programs aim at helping startup founders, corporate innovators, and explorers to figure out how they can stay ahead of everybody else. Plus we have fun during the process and learn a huge amount about what’s going in the Chinese startup ecosystem.

How do we help?

Working Space

You will get working space in the center of Shanghai as well as the dedicated help of an amazing acceleration team

Knowledge & Networking

You will participate in workshops, meetings and activities that will help you grow and better understand China

Demoday & Graduation

You will get to present yourself and your progress during our demo day as well as join our growing community

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Virtual LP

XNode also offers a range of virtual offerings that can help you reach your China goals:

 1. Customized research reports

2. Online Workshops

3. Video calls with industry experts

4. Online acceleration programs

...and more


Track record

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152M+ USD

Total amount raised for startups since inception 

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Startups accelerated
in 2018 & 2019

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Partner/customer meetings
per startup on average

From founders that joined our program:

”XNode was able to help us make sense of our business and the opportunities for us in China. Even more importantly, they were able to open the door for us with several corporate clients to speed up our growth and validate our offer.”
Victor Bogey, Ubudu Asia GM. 

"This has been such as unbelievably positive experience, extremely helpful for the business." 
Shane Hodgkins, Co-founder & CEO of Matrak Industries.

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XNode is the trusted partner of numerous governments. We support their local startups interested in expanding to China

Australia (Austrade)

We helped 7 batches of Australian startups expand to China over the last 3 years.

australia 3

Singapore (ESG)

We help 2 batches of startups expand from Singapore to China and from China to Singapore every year.

singapore batch

Korea (NIPA & KOCCA)

We conducted multiple short-form acceleration programs for Korean startups.

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Italy (ITA)

We helped Italian startups expand to China through our 3-month program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why China and why XNode ScaleUp program?

China is one of the fastest growing economies on the planet with strong industrial capabilities and a massive market.  However, with a fragmented business ecosystem and drastically different consumer behavior, businesses often need to undergo dramatic changes to their business and operating model to be successful. As a result, companies that lack the on-the-ground knowledge of the market consistently find it quite challenging when establishing a presence here. XNode ScaleUp program is designed to help entrants with limited business practice in China to be better equipped with the knowledge and network to find product market fit and running as fast as possible.

What else do you offer?

1. Full access to events joined or co-hosted by XNode
2. Connect with expert leaders in your respective industry
3. Full Business and Cultural Immersion in China
4. Brand Exposure through XNode's Marketing and Public channels
5. Get membership-only access to XNode's content, resources, and materials
6. Get connected to our wide reaching international and local network
7. Free office space in our central JingAn space for up to 2 people (additional members are available but will be charged).
8. Access to workshops and 1 - to - 1 mentoring and coaching by our experienced Entrepreneurs-In-Residence and program team

What will I get from the program?

The program provides mainly 3 things:

1. A strong knowledge foundation including a crystal clear China vision and execution plan,
2. A network of potential customers, partners and investors to make you sign your first deals in China and
3. Continued mentoring support after you graduate the program.

Does a founder have to be in Shanghai throughout the whole duration of the program?

Yes, for the most part. Due to the pace and intensity of the program major strategic decisions may need to be made quite quickly. This requires someone with a certain degree of autonomy to be on the ground for the program to achieve the desired results. There is a bit more flexibility with scheduling towards the latter half of the program but generally speaking you will need to be committed for the majority of the time.

How long does the program last?

The program duration is customizable. In order to be able to achieve real business results in China we suggest a program duration of 4-8 weeks. 

What are the costs to participate?

The program is highly customized to each individual startup which is why the participation cost varies from startup to startup and will be discussed in the next step.  

Do I need to apply for a work visa for the program?

No, it is unlikely that you can get a proper working (Z) visa at this stage. For now, a Business (M) Visa should be sufficient for the program duration. If selected to the program our team can help with visa’s including letters of invitation.

Do I need to register my business in China before the program?

No, in fact we don’t suggest you think too much about it until you’ve committed to the market for the long haul since the process can take as long as 3-6 months to complete. Additionally, there a few different options and approaches for accomplishing this that are relatively important for your business. As such, we’ll actually cover these questions in the early stages of the program to help make the best choice for your unique business situation.

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