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Do You Want To Expand Your Business To China?
We Accelerate Your Business Growth Into The China Market


China Incubator ðŸš€
97% NPS (Alumni Recommendation)

✔  Get answers to all your China questions

✔  Learn all relevant knowledge for expanding

✔  Identify your market opportunity in China

✔  Customize your product/service for China

✔  Test your China value proposition

✔  Explore funding opportunities



All Levels:
Idea To Mature


The Goal:
Expand To China


Program Length:


Program Format:

What is it?

China Incubator is a self-paced online coaching program with 24/7 WhatsApp support and live Q&A calls with our startup experts. It also includes an online course and a community of founders. We show you how to expand your company to China.

Who is it for?

China Incubator is for founders, startups, and anybody who wants to learn more about the China market, how to expand into it, raise funding, and increase revenue. It works for any one, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience in China.

Where does it happen?

The China Incubator coaching is online and consists of training videos, tools, live Q&A calls, and Facebook/WhatsApp community. Our participants most value the strong participants community that will help you answer any questions in the future.

How does it work?

Ask all your China questions in the FB/WA group or on the live Q&A calls, follow the process, get results. Additionally, consume the resources in our online library, use the provided tools/templates, and network with other startups that are expanding to China.

When does it start?

China Incubator's online coaching starts the moment you enroll. Our China experts and startup mentors are always ready to answer your questions in the FB/WA group. Additionally, you get access to our online learning materials to learn at your pace.

Why does it exist?

We created China Incubator because there was no customized & personal coaching and guidance from top Chinese experts showing startups/scaleups how to expand their business to China. We filled that void, online, and in extreme detail.

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Get answers to all your China questions

Get 24/7 access to XNode China expert coaching via WhatsApp/Facebook and
weekly livestream Q&A for answers to all your hard China-related questions.

Typical questions we answer for founders

✔️ How do I register my company in China without losing time and money?

✔️ How do I protect my IP before entering the Chinese market?

✔️ Will my business model work in China?

✔️ Who are the top VCs relevant for me that I can trust?

✔️ Is my pitch deck ready for Chinese investors?

✔️ How do I localize my product/service for China?

✔️ How can I access government funding without complications?

✔️ How do I connect and sell to Chinese corporates fast (Baidu, Alibaba, etc.)?

✔️ When do I need to go to China physically?

Meet some of our coaches

XNode is a team of 40 members with 12 nationalities and backgrounds in strategy consulting, VC, and startups.
We are based in Shanghai – perfectly positioned in the middle of the evolving China startup ecosystem.
Kevin coach

Kevin Worner(王可文)
Head of Accelerator
Focus: Strategy, Growth, Venture Capital

  • Current Managing Director of German Innovators in China (GINN) Shanghai
  • Advisor to multiple tech startups, including MedTech, Smart Manufacturing, EdTech, and Retail
  • Previously worked at top-tier companies in banking, consulting, venture incubation, and as a founder across APAC and Europe
  • Built a substantial following (1m+ impressions) on social media and YouTube, sharing insights on business and VC
  • You can often find Kevin in the gym or local Muay Thai / MMA club 🥊

Emily Xu(徐悦)
Senior Acceleration Manager

Focus: Localization of Products / Services, IP Rights

  • Program Lead of XNode Launch China: Startup Acceleration Program in Shanghai
  • Advised dozens of startups in business model refinement and growth plan validation in China through workshops, local networks, and events
  • 6+ years experience in China innovation ecosystem and has worked extensively with government partners, accelerators, and various institutions
  • Previously open innovation manager at InnoSpace, investment team member of an early-stage fund, and international investment manager at China International Intellectech Group
  • China Representative for Green Initiatives, social enterprise working on urban sustainability; enjoys scuba diving and snowboarding ðŸ‚

Ian Yu(于艺阳)
Acceleration Manger
Focus: Fundraising, Financial Planning

  • Coordinates XNode Launch China: Startup Acceleration Programs and Corporate Innovation Programs
  • Advises foreign startups on how to scale in China (Italian Global Startup Program; Singapore GIA Acceleration Programme, etc.); and corporates on how to innovate in China (GAC-Sofinco; X5 Retail Group (Russia), etc.)
  • Has rich knowledge on capital markets and the China startup ecosystem; previously worked at a leading private equity firm in Shanghai
  • Holds Master’s of Science in Finance and is CFA Level II candidate; passed China Securities and Fund qualification exams; enjoys soccer, road trips (been to 42 US states), and astronomy 🔭

Hausen Tan(谭豪珅)
Focus: Growth Marketing, Market Research

  • Advises foreign startups on how to penetrate the China market through cross-border mentoring, business model validation, and partner building
  • Focus is on identifying growth opportunities and building growth structures: data-driven marketing for customer acquisition and retention
  • Previous experience in social impact consulting, co-design workshop development and facilitation, design sprint prototyping, and microfinance and social entrepreneurship
  • Currently studying Bachelor's of Economics in International Economics and Trade; enjoys teaching piano and playing badminton 🏸

Feel free to reach out to us for any questions on how we can help you reach your China goals!

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Battle tested and proven track record

Does China Incubator work? There's only one way to find out: by seeing whether our
actually succeeded in the real world. Here's the numbers to date (we're just getting started!).

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152M+ USD

Total amount raised for
startups since inception

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Startups accelerated
in 2018 & 2019

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Participating startups expand to
China after the program


China Incubator Coaching Content

During your China Incubator membership you will have access to the following resources.

Key Features & Online Workshop Content


WhatsApp/Facebook group for 24/7 expert support


Live Q&A calls with XNode China experts


Community of founders expanding to China


Action items and tools for you to download

📚 Workshop One - Business Model Canvas Localization
📚 Workshop Two - Digitization in China
📚 Workshop Three - Validation
📚 Workshop Four - Big Corporate
📚 Workshop Five - China Legal Framework
📚 Workshop Six - China Government Relations
📚 Workshop Seven - Venture Capital Landscape in China


Learn the best way that suits you

Expert mentorship on demand

Get personalized mentorship from XNode China experts who can troubleshoot your problems and provide direction. All members can get support and answers to their questions from our experts 24/7 via WhatsApp/Facebook as well as join exclusive live Q&A calls and recordings.


Online e-learning platform

Watch training videos in great quality and access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like. We are constantly updating our set of tools and downloads available for you.


Interactive entrepreneur community

Join an energetic community of 200+ entrepreneurs on the same wavelength as you. Entrepreneurship is lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who just don't get it. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends, and have fun!


Here's a summary of everything you get

This is not your typical "online program". We provide "expert coaching" and everything you need to succeed in China.


China Incubator by XNode 🚀
97% NPS (Alumni Recommendation)

✔  Get answers to all your China questions

✔  Learn all relevant knowledge for expanding

✔  Identify your market opportunity in China

✔  Customize your product/service for China

✔  Test you China value proposition

✔  Explore funding opportunities



What is XNode?

We are a team of 40 members with 12 nationalities and backgrounds in strategy consulting, VC, and startups, believing that innovation should be done differently in China. Our programs aim at helping startup founders, corporate innovators, and explorers to figure out how they can stay ahead of everybody else. Come join us in building the Chinese innovation ecosystem.

🚀 Scaleup Program
We partner with government innovation agencies (Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Italy) and establish bilateral cross-border channels to accelerate startups’ entry into new markets.

💡 Corporate Innovation
We work with corporate partners to find and implement their innovation strategy with our community and impact programs, including Foxconn, SAP, L'oreal, Scania, Hitachi, Intel, Michelin, Pernod Ricard, and more.

🛠️ Venture Building
An all-new acceleration and investment model in collaboration with HighTechXL and Eindhoven Startup Alliance to bring advanced technologies to market within 9-months.

🙌 Co-working Space
XNode operates two co-working spaces in Shanghai, one in the heart of downtown Jingan, and one in Zhangjiang Innovation Park. Community members include La French Tech, CareVoice, Seedlink AI, and more.


Here's what our alumni are saying


"XNode was able to help us make sense of our business and the opportunities for us in China. Even more importantly, they were able to open the door for us with several corporate clients to speed up our growth and validate our offer."
Victor Bogey, Ubudu Asia GM.


"This has been such as unbelievably positive experience, extremely helpful for the business."
Shane Hodgkins, Co-founder & CEO of Matrak Industries.

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China Incubator ðŸš€

97% NPS (Alumni Recommendation)

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